Witches of the Revolution is 30% Off Through October 31st

Published by: Amelia Rengo

Witches of the Revolution is a cooperative deck-building board game where covens fight a secret war for victory in the American Revolution. It's also 30% off through October 31st with code HOCUSPOCUS.

  • This game is a subtly different cooperative deck-builder where decks are tuned and shaped rather than simply built.
  • Each player’s deck is a coven of witches. More powerful witches, recruited as the game progresses, expand each coven’s power.
  • Players must overcome semi-historical events like the destruction of smithies, desecration of sacred ground, and vilification of witch-hunters.
  • As events are overcome, progress is made against larger objectives like imbuing the Liberty Bell with power, deposing the British governor, and even resurrecting Benjamin Franklin.
  • It also includes a solo mode for times when you can't round up a full group.

Witches of the Revolution plays 1-4 people, ages 14+, in 30-60 minutes. Order your copy today, and don't forget to use the coupon code for 30% off. Onward to revolution!


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