Lunch Money: Button Men

They’re cute little girls. And they like to beat people up.

Lunch Money Button Men at a Glance

  • A quick-playing, face-punching dice game for two players.
  • Brings brutal Lunch Money themes and imagery to fast-paced Button Men games.
  • Terrific to use as a filler game or while waiting for all of your Lunch Money players to show up.

About Lunch Money Button Men

The Lunch Money Button Men games take the playground battles of Lunch Money, the beer-soaked brawls of Beer Money, and the small-scale dice combat of Button Men and put them in a blender on "puree."

Each set includes two unique button characters, ready and waiting to brawl! Choose from Prudence & Charity, Faith & Temperance, or Hope & Chastity.

Rumble and Roll: Gameplay Basics

In the Button Men games, small dice represent speed, and large dice strength. Choose your dice to round out your character and roll for victory.

The Lunch Money version introduces two new dice. The Y wild die allows a player to choose a die type. The trip die allows a player to reroll for an opponent.

These sets are fully compatible with other Button Men sets produced by Cheapass Games and designed by James Ernest.

Each package comes with rules and buttons. Players supply their own dice.

Vital Stats

Game Design: James Ernest
Photography: Andrew Yates
Graphic Design: Michelle Brown and John Nephew
MSRP: $4.50
Atlas Stock #: AG3331 (Prudence & Charity), AG3332 (Faith & Temperance), AG3333 (Hope & Chastity)
Barcode: None
Format: Two pin-back buttons and a rules sheet in a plastic bag
Number of Players: 2
Ages: 10+
Play Time: 10 minutes
Release Date: 1999