We Believe in Friendly Local Game Stores

Atlas Games was built with the partnership of game stores. Our first games and supplements came out before there was a world wide web, much less an Amazon.com. The market has changed dramatically since we started out. It will change again. What won’t change is our commitment to helping stores serve gamers.

Key Atlas Games Resources for Stores

Ask Us Anything

Have you ever been on a website, looking for the answer to a specific (maybe obscure) question, with no answer in sight and a frustrating nest of interconnected, unhelpful pages promising a contact form but never quite delivering one? Us too.

If you have a question and you’re having trouble finding an answer, please…



Direct-to-Retail Sales Terms

We encourage retailers to stock our games through their distributor of choice. We also realize this isn’t the right solution for every store. For stores that want to order from us directly, we offer the following discounts.

“Retailer Restock” Discount 

for retail stores, libraries, and schools

  • Order Size: 6+ items
  • Discount: 50% off MSRP
  • Payment Terms: Prepaid (see sidebar)
  • Freight: Paid by purchaser (but see sidebar for free shipping threshold)

How to Order

There are three ways to order with us, for your convenience.

ONLINE ORDERING: Do quick orders of our bestselling products via our exclusive retailer shop at atlas-games.com/orders.

EMAIL ORDERING: For all our backlist items, email us at sales@atlas-games.com.

PHONE ORDERING: You’re also welcome to order by phone at 218-624-4885. We’ll invoice you at the email you provide to pay at your convenience.

Create a Retailer Account With Us

By making an account with us, we can store your information for future purchases as well as provide you records of your past purchases.

ONLINE ACCOUNTS: To make an account for online ordering, go to our retailer shop and register, then email your signed certificate of exemption to us at sales@atlas-games.com to get your retailer upgrade. To save addresses for multiple store locations, log in first then enter them in your account profile.

OFFLINE ACCOUNTS: If you’ll only be ordering by email or phone, call us at 218-624-4885 to set up an account. We’ll need you to provide your store name, point of contact’s first and last name, email, phone number, shipping address, a photo of your storefront, and also fill out the proper certificate of exemption.

We look forward to doing business with you!

Prize and Event Support

We’re thrilled to help support in-store conventions, events, tournaments, demo days, and anything else that helps promote our games. Just fill out our event support form and we’ll get back to you with more information.

Convention and Event Support Form

Demonstration and Library Copies

We’re happy to provide demo copies in reasonable quantities. Please contact us to make your request and tell us more about how you’ll be using them.

Retail Shelf Displays

We offer high-quality solid-wood shelf displays for several of our bestselling lines. Check them out!

Partner Publishers

Atlas Games does warehousing, sales, and fulfillment for these independent publishers and studios by special arrangement. Their products are available to our distributors alongside our own catalog, so retailers can order them easily along with our own games.

BaBa Geek Games

Baba Geek Games’ goal is to create accessible experiences for people of all types and ages. Their Storybook Adventure series allows players to become a part of an immersive world filled with exploration, excitement, and wonder.

Castillo Games

Castillo Games’ founder and CEO Bryce Brown absolutely loves board games and wants to be a part of bringing great games to people he cares about and new friends he has yet to meet.

Fight in a Box

Fight in a Box crafts board games that ignite rambunctious fun. Primary contributors Seppy Yoon and Bob Seabold strive to blend innovative game play with irreverent humor.

Pops & Bejou Games

Four friends who met in the other windy city of Fargo, North Dakota, we create games that blend strategy and simplicity for a wide array of gamers to enjoy. Our “gateway games” are quick to learn and ease casual gamers into more strategic ways of thinking.

Sneak Attack Press

Sneak Attack Press is a small publisher devoted to creating the exciting table top games, including original board games and roleplaying games, and licensed RPG material.

Yanaguana Games

Yanaguana Games, LLC is a tabletop game company, founded in 2015 by Marshall Britt and Alexander Clifford. The name Yanaguana comes from name of the Payaya village that eventually became San Antonio, Texas, where Yanaguana Games was founded.


Atlas Games also distributes select independent fanzines: Mythic Perspectives for our Ars Magica RPG, and EdgeWork for our Over the Edge RPG.