Our Environmental Commitment

Atlas Games believes that being environmentally conscious is the sensible, cost-effective thing for a business to do. We're committed to environmental responsibility, and implement green policies that save money, reduce our carbon footprint, and encourage others to follow suit.

  • We're a signatory to the "We Are Still In" declaration that opposed the past US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, and we take that commitment seriously.
  • We reduce our waste production by designing our games with as little disposable packaging as possible, we avoid shrinkwrap, and we ask our manufacturing partners for recycled paper, cardboard, and plastic stock options.
  • In our warehouse, we re-use boxes, packing material, and pallets, and we don't ever buy styrofoam packing peanuts. We invested in a Greenwave 430 machine to turn end-of-life boxes into packing material, instead.
  • In our offices, we use both sides of each sheet of paper before recycliing it, along with everything else that’s recyclable. We buy recycled toner cartridges, and dispose of obsolete electronics responsibly so they don't end up in a landfill.
  • To be energy conscious, we replaced incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient ones in our offices and warehouse. We turn off the lights when we're not using them, and we installed smart thermostats that turn down the office heat at night. We also allow some amount of telecommuting for most employees, which reduces fuel consumption.
  • We ask that employees not buy beef on the company tab. (Yep, this is a weird one, but this article in The Atlantic explains.)
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Meet The Staff

John Nephew Image

John Nephew

President & Co-owner
Michelle Nephew Image

Michelle Nephew

Chief Creative Officer & Co-owner
Justin Alexander Image

Justin Alexander

RPG Developer & Producer
Travis Winter Image

Travis Winter

Sales & Conventions Manager
Jenae Floerke Image

Jenae Floerke

Administrative Manager
Woody Eblom Image

Woody Eblom

Warehouse Manager
Heather O'Neill Image

Heather O'Neill

Marketing & Kickstarter Coordinator