Our Environmental Commitment

We believe that being environmentally conscious is the sensible, cost-effective thing for a business to do.

  • We use both sides of each sheet of paper, then recycle it (along with everything else that’s recyclable in the office).
  • We turn off the lights when we're not using them, and turn down the heat when we leave the office.
  • We design our games with as little disposable packaging as possible.
  • We re-use boxes and packing material.
  • Our warehouse uses recycled engine oil as heating fuel.
  • We replace incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient ones wherever possible.
  • We ask that employees not buy beef on the company tab while traveling. (Yep, this is a weird one, but this article in The Atlantic explains.)
Environment Image

Meet The Staff

John Nephew Image

John Nephew

President & Co-owner
Michelle Nephew Image

Michelle Nephew

Jeff Tidball Image

Jeff Tidball

Chief Operating Officer
Travis Winter Image

Travis Winter

Sales Manager & Warehouse Manager
Kyla McT Image

Kyla McT

Board and Card Game Producer
Justin Alexander Image

Justin Alexander

RPG Developer & Producer
Jenae Pedersen Image

Jenae Pedersen

Administrative Coordinator
Amelia Rengo Image

Amelia Rengo

Marketing Coordinator

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