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Unknown Armies Product Line

An occult game about broken people conspiring to fix the world

Unknown Armies Games at a Glance

  • An occult horror RPG about broken people trying to fix an equally broken world.
  • The third edition is now available, with core material split between three main books for ease of sharing during play.
  • Explore the world of the occult underground through tense, mature roleplaying.
If you're ready for a game of vast conspiracies and sleepless nights, a game in which your obsessions give you strength and great power comes with great corruption...then read on.
— Shut Up & Sit Down

The world of Unknown Armies is much like the one we live in: full of death and taxes, political deadlocks, reality television, and cell phone addiction. Most people don't realize that magick is real, but it is. 

In fact, reality as we know it is shaped by a group of 333 people so dedicated to certain attributes that they become the archetypes of the Invisible Clergy, who are locked in an eternal struggle for power.

Your characters are pawns in this power struggle…or hoping to join the ranks of the Invisible Clergy itself. 

As your characters try to fix what is broken in the world, they might struggle against the New Inquisition, the Sect of the Naked Goddess, or their own deteriorating sanity. They might face vampires, godwalkers, or fellow practitioners of magick. Will they fall in the face of unrelenting opposition? Find out in Unknown Armies.

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Behind the Veil: The Unknown Armies Product Line

  • The third edition consists of three essential volumes: Play, Run, and Reveal. Splitting this material into multiple volumes allows for easier portability and sharing among the group during gameplay.
  • The deluxe edition includes all three books, plus a game moderator screen that doubles as a slipcase.
  • Additional supplements Expose and Mine include supplemental material and mechanics to add new twists to your game.
  • Campaign starter kits provide ready-to-go characters, objectives, and starter scenarios to jumpstart your game.
  • Upsetting Anomalies, Unnatural Artistry, and Uncanny Acuity add ambiance to your game sessions with music designed specifically for Unknown Armies.


  • 2017 silver ENnie for Best Production Values.
  • 2017 ENnie nominee for Best Writing.