Unknown Armies Deluxe Third Edition

An occult game about broken people conspiring to fix the world

Unknown Armies Deluxe Edition at a Glance

  • Includes all three core books for Unknown Armies.
  • Play broken people trying to fix the world in this occult horror RPG.
  • The slipcover converts to a two-sided, full-color GM screen.

What is Unknown Armies?

Unknown Armies is a horror game set in the world as we know it…but magick is real. Although most are unaware, the world is caught in a power struggle between members of the Invisible Clergy — a group of beings so dedicated to certain attributes that they ascend and become archetypes.

Built around a unique mythology never seen before in RPGs, the characters of Unknown Armies struggle to find their place in an uncertain world. Will they serve an archetype — willingly or unwillingly? Will they join a shadowy occult organization? Will they endeavor to ascend themselves? Find out in Unknown Armies.

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All the World at Your Fingertips: The Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition contains all three of the essential third edition volumes. Book One: Play includes all of the rules that players need to make characters and take actions in a game session. Book Two: Run contains gamemaster rules on how to run GMCs (gamemaster characters), how to resolve actions, and basics about the world of Unknown Armies. Book Three: Reveal contains people, places, and events to inspire sessions of the game, complete with stats.

All three volumes are encased in a slipcover that converts to a gamemaster screen. Two-sided and full-color, this screen will keep essential mechanics and information at your fingertips during a session.


  • 2017 silver ENnie for Best Production Values.
  • 2017 ENnie nominee for Best Writing. 
  • 2007 Hobby Games: The 100 Best.
  • 2003 ENnie Award Gold Winner – Best Non-Open Gaming Product.
  • 2003 Diana Jones Award Nominee.
  • 2002 OgreCave's Christmas Gift Guide.
  • 2002 Out of the Box Award Winner – Best Retread.
  • 1999 Origins Award Nominee – Best Roleplaying Games.
  • 1999 Out of the Box Award Winner – Best New RPG.

Vital Stats

Lead Author: Greg Stolze
Developer: Cam Banks
Authors: Cam Banks, Tim Dedopulos, Shoshana Kessock, Sophie Lagacé, Chris Lites, W.J. MacGuffin, Ryan Macklin, Chad Underkoffler, Monica Valentinelli, and Filamena Young
Graphic Design: Thomas Deeny
Art Direction: Aaron Acevedo
Artists: Aaron Acevedo, Jeannine Acevedo, Jason Engle, Benoît Felten, Colleen Riley, Lassi Seppälä, Thomas Shook, and Shutterstock
MSRP: $124.95
Atlas Stock #: AG6030
Barcode: 978-1-58978-165-8
Format: Full-color, three-panel landscape screen with magnetic clasp to form slipcase and three full-color hardcover rulebooks
Release Date: April 2017