Raiders of the Lost Mart

Night shift retail workers cope with shelves that manifest occult artifacts

Raiders of the Lost Mart at a Glance

  • This Unknown Armies campaign starter kit includes everything you need to launch a campaign for up to five players.
  • A compelling storyline about night shift employees in a store where magickal occult artifacts appear on the shelves.
  • Provides player characters, a group objective, a first-session scenario, and ideas on how to continue the campaign.

A Dead End Job: More about Raiders of the Lost Mart

Easily begin your Unknown Armies campaign with this campaign starter kit. Inside, you'll find everything you need to play your first session: five PCs, a starter objective for the group, and plot details. To aid in continuing the story, GMCs, additional objective ideas, and suggestions for the antagonist phase are also provided.

In Raiders of the Lost Mart, the characters are night shift employees at a superstore. But this is no ordinary store. Its shelves occasionally manifest dangerous magickal artifacts. Will this cabal uncover the occult secrets of their place of employment? Find out in this campaign starter kit.



  • Tori Hill: Avatar of the Captain and leader of the cabal.
  • Mike Shaw: A military vet who believes in destiny.
  • Ann Paddington: A hard-working employee who is more than she appears.
  • Darby Carter: A rebellious former anthropology student.
  • Dustin Druthers: A big, balding guy with a sixth sense for magick.

Vital Stats

Stock Number: AG6037
Author: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan
MSRP: $2.95
Format: 24-page PDF
Release Date: September 2017