Derby Girls Destroy DC

Roller derby champs investigate a reptoid conspiracy in the corridors of power

Derby Girls Destroy DC at a Glance

  • This Unknown Armies campaign starter kit includes everything you need to launch a campaign for up to five players.
  • A high-action story about a team of derby girls who believe reptoids have infiltrated the highest corridors of power.
  • Provides player characters, a group objective, a first-session scenario, and ideas on how to continue the campaign.

About Derby Girls Destroy DC

Bring Unknown Armies to your gaming table with one of our campaign starter kits. Each kit includes everything you need to begin: five PCs, a starter objective for the group, and plot details. GMCs, additional objective ideas, and suggestions for the antagonist phase are also provided to continue the story beyond the first session.

In this starter kit, these roller derby champs are convinced that reptoids have infiltrated the system. They're determined to destroy the reptoids and win their next derby bout. But are they right about the reptoids, or is something else going on? Find out in Derby Girls Destroy DC.

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  • Dana Skull-y: Pivot, team founder, and true believer.
  • Area 69: Blocker, anarcho-feminist, and anti-capitalist.
  • Foxy Muffler: Party girl and child of DC royalty.
  • Rose-well Endowed: Jammer and a total witch.
  • Nancy Collins: Chronicler of the fight against the reptoids.

Vital Stats

Author: Filamena Young
MSRP: $2.95
Atlas Stock #: AG6041
Format: 25-page PDF
Release Date: May 2018