Sacred Pharma

Khrusomancers — body-modifying occultists — fight healthcare corruption

Sacred Pharma at a Glance

  • This Unknown Armies campaign starter kit includes everything you need to launch a campaign for up to five players.
  • Play a cabal who perform strange body magicks on themselves and are ready to take on Big Pharma.
  • Provides player characters, a group objective, a first-session scenario, and ideas on how to continue the campaign.

Paging Dr. Feelgood: More about Sacred Pharma

Start an Unknown Armies campaign with this campaign starter kit. Inside, you'll find everything you need to begin: five PCs, a starter objective for the group, and plot details. GMCs, additional objective ideas, and suggestions for the antagonist phase will help your group continue the story based on their decisions.

Sacred Pharma tells the tale of a cabal full of practitioners of strange body magicks. These characters are all disenfranchised by a medical system they feel has let them down. Now they're determined to take on Big Pharma. Does this small group of occultists stand a chance against such a huge, corrupt system? Find out in Sacred Pharma.

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  • Genesis Daniels: Diabetic programmer who is juicing her insulin to produce more efficient output.
  • Hye Su Park: Pharmacist who steals prescriptions to improve her mental performance.
  • Antoine Pierce: Nurse who performs self-surgery to enhance their body.
  • Lucia Morgan: Street punk artist and contortionist.
  • Kalisto Raye: Witch who integrates LSD and mushrooms into traditional magick.

Vital Stats

Author: Kira Magrann
MSRP: $2.95
Atlas Stock #: AG6043
Format: 23-page PDF
Release Date: June 2018