Maria in Three Parts

A starter scenario for Unknown Armies 3

Maria in Three Parts at a Glance

  • This streamlined, standalone game book provides everything you need to try Unknown Armies without the investment of a hardcover.
  • An abbreviated rules set and background get you to the table quickly while still giving you everything you need to play.
  • A compelling plot about a missing Van Helsing will keep everyone in the group invested.

Ua3 maria ruins

Welcome to the Hard Edge: More about Maria in Three Parts

This introductory Unknown Armies scenario contains everything you need to try out this RPG of occult weirdness. Streamlined rules and background give you a taste of what the full game has to offer without the investment of time and money usually associated with trying a new game.

In Maria in Three Parts, you are a cabal of adepts and avatars — minor figures in the occult underground. Maria Van Helsing has gone missing, and if she's not found, all hell will break loose. Can you find her before it's too late?

Ua3 maria authority figure

Maria in Three Parts: Characters

  • Ellen Kaloudis: A Gulf War veteran who buries her PTSD in alcohol, currently studying Fulminaturgy.
  • Jada Parker: A workaholic pest control specialist and avatar of the Warrior.
  • Greg O'Neil: A YouTube film critic famous for his nastiness. Interested in Cinemancy.
  • Vince Kirkland: Former foster home kid and avatar of the Guide. Huge music fan.

Vital Stats

Authors: W.J. MacGuffin, Cam Banks, and Greg Stolze
Artists: Aaron Acevedo and Thomas Deeny
MSRP: $0.00 Physical (Free RPG Day), $4.99 Digital
Atlas Stock #: AG6045
Format: 32-page softcover adventure (only available for Free RPG Day 2018)
Release Date: June 2018