Karmic Ties and Fifth Wheels

The black sheep of a family investigate their lineage’s occult mysteries

Karmic Ties and Fifth Wheels at a Glance

  • This Unknown Armies campaign starter kit includes everything you need to launch a campaign for up to five players.
  • Play the black sheep of an old family who discover their family's buried secrets.
  • Provides player characters, a group objective, a first-session scenario, and ideas on how to continue the campaign.

Family Ties: More about Karmic Ties and Fifth Wheels

Bring Unknown Armies to your gaming table with this campaign starter kit. It includes everything you need to begin: five PCs, a starter objective for the group, and plot details. GMCs, additional objective ideas, and suggestions for the antagonist phase will help your group take the story into additional sessions.

In Karmic Ties and Fifth Wheels, the player characters are the outcasts of a large family in rural Wisconsin. During a family reunion, they discover the old secrets and occult mysteries that have been at the heart of their family for generations. Does blood run thicker than water? Find out in this campaign starter kit.

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  • Kevin Johnson: Civil War re-enactor and failed family man.
  • Lucinda Adams: Anti-authoritarian book thief.
  • Stevie Malone: Street performer desperate for a new high.
  • Rachel Malone-Johnson: Gifted translator seeking the divine.
  • Jeffrey Adams: Former athlete and future Buddhist monk.

Vital Stats

Author: Monica Valentinelli
MSRP: $2.95
Atlas Stock #: AG6042
Format: 24-page PDF
Release Date: May 2018