Unknown Armies Book Three: Reveal

An occult game about broken people conspiring to fix the world

Unknown Armies Book Three: Reveal at a Glance

  • One of the three core books for Unknown Armies.
  • Play broken people trying to fix the world in this occult horror RPG.
  • A separate volume of mysteries and weirdness to help fuel your game.

What is Unknown Armies?

In Unknown Armies, the world is similar to our reality with one major difference: magick is real. In the shadows, organizations like the Invisible Clergy engage in immense power struggles with the fate of the world at stake. The characters are pulled into this struggle…or enter it willingly.

This is a game based on the horror of the occult. The characters might be born into magick or may have been scarred by a brush with it later in life. These experiences pull them into the secret world of the paranormal, with its dangers and denizens. This book provides more information on the things they might encounter there.

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Dictionary of Cosmic Horror: What is in Reveal?

The Unknown Armies RPG is about the sanity-threatening horrors of the occult underground. This volume provides an alphabetized listing of elements for both players and gamemaster inspiration. Learn about magickal schools such as amoromancy and kleptomancy for player characters and gamemaster characters to use; locations, groups, and events to fuel storylines; and unnatural entities such as the Gentleman and the Happy Cat Mask, with stats where appropriate.

This third edition core book is one of three essential volumes needed to play.


  • 2017 silver ENnie for Best Production Values.
  • 2017 ENnie nominee for Best Writing.

Vital Stats

Lead Author: Greg Stolze
Developer: Cam Banks
Authors: Cam Banks, Tim Dedopulos, Shoshana Kessock, Sophie Lagacé, Chris Lites, W.J. MacGuffin, Ryan Macklin, Chad Underkoffler, Monica Valentinelli, and Filamena Young
Graphic Design: Thomas Deeny
Art Direction: Aaron Acevedo
Artists: Aaron Acevedo, Jeannine Acevedo, Jason Engle, Benoît Felten, Colleen Riley, Lassi Seppälä, Thomas Shook, Greg Stolze, and Shutterstock
MSRP: $29.95 (print), $9.95 (digital)
Atlas Stock #: AG6033
Barcode: 978-1-58978-168-9
Format: Full-color hardcover, PDF, EPUB, MOBI
Release Date: January 2017 (digital), April 2017 (print)