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Feng Shui Product Line

The action movie roleplaying game

Feng Shui at a Glance 

  • An action-movie RPG full of Hong Kong-inspired cinematic style. 
  • Light on crunch, heavy on wall-leaping, sword-fighting action. 
  • Storylines spread across four distinct time periods keep gameplay interesting. 
Feng Shui 2 is a rolling romp of a good time. It does what it does well, and it doesn't apologize.
Review by RPG Ready

Ki-Yaaah!: The World of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an RPG inspired by Hong Kong action movies. Here, big bosses and their mooks threaten the world, and it's up to a ragtag group of martial artists, magic wielders, masked avengers, and time travelers to stop them.

The characters in Feng Shui travel through time, opening portals to four key time periods to fight evil and save the day. Fight sinister eunuch magicians in the past, imperialist oppressors in the colonial era, secretive conspirators of the present, or the cyborg tyrants of the future.

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Inside the Action: The Feng Shui Product Line

Feng Shui is in its second edition. Check out the full product line below to get started on your own adventure full of high-flying, mook-punching action!

  • The Feng Shui 2 core book: All you need to play the game in a single volume!
  • The GM screen: Hide your nefarious plans behind this gorgeous screen, which includes all the essential reference material and a booklet full of locations where you can fight bad guys and look cool doing it.
  • Print supplements: Featuring mechanics, locations, story ideas, and more, print supplements like Secrets of the Chi War and Blowing Up the Movies will add more power to your kung fu punches.
  • Electronic supplements: Get updated archetypes, system crossovers, and scenarios in downloadable products like Burning Shaolin Redux, Feng Shui 2 Archetype Pack, and Hong Kong Task Force 88.
  • Free downloadables: Easily try out the game with free downloadables like the Red Packet Rumble demo pack or Nightlife and Death.

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  • 2016 gold ENnie for Best Rules
  • 2016 gold ENnie for Best Setting
  • 2016 silver ENnie for Best Game
  • 2016 ENnie nominee for Product of the Year
  • 2016 Golden Geek Award Nominee – Game of the Year
  • 2016 Golden Geek Award Nominee – Best Artwork & Presentation
  • 2008 ENnie Award Nominee – Best Adversary/Monster Product, Glimpse of the Abyss
  • 2004 ENnie Award Nominee – Best Non-d20 Supplement, Friends of the Dragon
  • 2003 OgreCave's Christmas Gift Guide – Gorilla Warfare
  • 1999 Out of the Box Award Winner – Best Retread, Feng Shui 2nd Edition
  • 1999 Pyramid Magazine's The Millenium's Best Card Games list – Feng Shui