The true power of Feng Shui is known only to a few. They all want you dead.

Acclaimed game designer and Hong Kong action scholar Robin D. Laws gives us Feng Shui, the game that has kicked the ass of every other kick-ass RPG about Chinese demons, machine-gunning thugs and mechanized apes. More than just an action riot at your tabletop, Feng Shui is a study in everything that makes Hong Kong action thrilling.

Feng Shui is Action Movie Roleplaying

Feng Shui is the classic Hong Kong martial arts action-movie roleplaying game. You play the heroes in a titanic struggle in which the fate of humankind depends on your exotic kung fu powers, your ancient magics, your pirated suptertech, or your plain old-fashioned trigger finger.

You might be a maverick cop, a cranky kung-fu fighting master, an everyman hero, a masked avenger, or a bioengineered monster out for revenge on your creators. Against you is arrayed a legion of fearsome foes. This battle rages throughout time and into the Netherworld between, pitting you against sinister eunuch magicians of the past, secretive power groups of the present, and the twisted scientists who control the future.

This Secret War is fought by those who know a simple, elemental truth of existence: certain sites harness and intensify chi (the life force). History belongs to those who are attuned to these sites, as they gain great fortune in matters both mundane and mystical. The scramble to possess the world?s feng shui sites has now begun in earnest; only you and your fellow heroes can prevent these powerful sites from falling into the hands of maniacal tyrants!

Robin D. Laws' Feng Shui was originally published by Daedalus Entertainment in 1996. The Atlas Games edition features the original text in a new 245-page format including new artwork, layout, and a hardcover binding.

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