Feng Shui Exploding Dice Set

Feng Shui Exploding Dice Set at a Glance

  • Fans know that in Feng Shui, sixes explode.
  • You'll find no sixes more explodey than the sixes on these sweet specialty dice.
  • Six dice, in two different colors

Feng Shui 2 Exploding Dice Thumb

About the Feng Shui Exploding Dice Set

Dive into explosive action with the Feng Shui Exploding Dice Set. Designed for fans familiar with Feng Shui's dynamic gameplay, these specialty dice take the excitement up a notch, featuring the most explodey sixes you'll find. The set includes six dice in two different colors, ensuring a thrilling and visually striking element to your Feng Shui adventures. Roll with anticipation as these dice add an extra burst of energy to your gaming experience.

Vital Stats

MSRP: $15.00
Atlas Stock #: AG4019
Barcode: 700040040195
Format: Dice
Release Date: September 2015