Rune Games at a Glance

  • An RPG adaptation of the popular Rune video game. Bring the familiar hack-and-slash action to your gaming table!
  • Simple mechanics based on a streamlined version of the Ars Magica system make this an accessible entry to RPGs.
  • Puts a competitive twist on RPGs with victory points. Bash and smash your way to victory and glory!

Hack-and-slash: The World of Rune

Bring sword-and-sorcery combat to your table with this adaptation of Human Head Studio's brutal Rune video game.

Smash anything that gets in your way with your group of bloodthirsty Vikings. Travel the lands of Scandinavian myth, from the icy depths of Nifleheim to the shadowy evils of Svartalfheim.

This combat-centered RPG keeps the focus on the battle with victory points. Earn more than your fellow players and win the adventure!

Streamlined rules based on the Ars Magica system combined with a group GM-ing structure mean that everyone gets a taste of the action.

Glory and Valor: The Rune Product Line

  • The Rune RPG core book includes everything you need to play.
  • Crouching Wizard, Smashing Hammer is a Rune plot encounter sequence that introduces a new foe.
  • Enter the Viking makes gaming easy with ten ready-to-go cushion encounters and one plot encounter.
  • Last Hero in Scandinavia is an action-packed campaign with rules for Rune and OGL games.


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  • 2001 Out of the Box Award First Runner-Up – Best Sui Generis RPG, Rune.