Apeworld on Fire!

Life in the Future Juncture is bleak, but don’t worry, chi warriors, it can always get worse!

Apeworld at a Glance

  • A 32-page Feng Shui adventure.
  • Race across time in a car chase through the Netherworld, then lead an armed uprising against the tyrants of Apeworld!
  • Get lost in a post-apocalyptic laboratory using the sector crawl structure.

FS Apeworld   Netherworld Chase

Into the Future: More About Apeworld

Pontius Primate, religious psychopomp of the New Simian Army, has sent his cyber-ape holy warriors back through time. They're intent on kidnapping the scientists he needs to perfect a terrible mind-control gas that can strip the free will from countless victims at once!

Our heroes have chased them back to the future. In hot pursuit across the Wastelands, their journey will take them into the very heart of the simian capital of Apeworld and deep into the hidden laboratories beneath Pontius Primate’s cyber-fortress.

  • Race across time in a car chase through the Netherworld!
  • Visit Waystation, the last great free city in the Wasteland!
  • Fight the King and Donkey in the legendary Gladiator Bowl!
  • Lead an armed uprising against the tyrants of Apeworld!


  • Storyboard
  • Opening Shot
  • Waystation
  • Architect Base
  • Apeworld
  • Infiltrating Apeworld
  • Apeworld Insurrection
  • The Pineal Lab
  • Apeworld Burns


  • Through the Netherworld
  • Market Attack
  • Demon in the Dark
  • The Big Show
  • The Final Battle
  • Security Perimeter

Sneak Peek Apeworld   Pontius Primate

Vital Stats

Author: Paul Stefko
Artists: Ari Ibarra & Kevin Sidharta
Producer: Justin Alexander
MSRP: $15.95
Atlas Stock #: AG4027
Barcode: 978-1-58978-214-3
Format: 32-page adventure
Release Date: August 2021