Retail Shelf Displays

Retail Shelf Displays at a Glance

  • High-quality laser-cut wood shelf displays.
  • Fits the most common restocks for the line, with a handy reminder.
  • Add your custom logo for free!

Retail Shelf Displays from Atlas Games

Show off your Atlas Games products with these high-quality laser-cut wood shelf displays. Custom sized to fit the most common restocks for the line, they feature the game's logo burned into the wood, along with a handy list of expansions. Plus, have your store's logo etched into it at no extra cost! Available for Gloom and Once Upon a Time, allow two weeks for delivery.

Retailer Shelf Display Gloom + OUAT

Contents of Retail Shelf Displays

Gloom display includes:

  • 3x AG1350 Gloom 2nd Edition standalone
  • 2x AG1352 Unhappy Homes expansion
  • 2x AG1353 Unwelcome Guests expansion
  • 2x AG1354 Unfortunate Expeditions expansion
  • 2x AG1355 Unquiet Dead expansion
  • 2x AG1330 Cthulhu Gloom standalone
  • 2x AG1331 Unpleasant Dreams expansion
  • 2x AG1332 Fairytale Gloom standalone
  • 2x AG1334 Gloom in Space standalone
  • 2x AG1335 Gloom of Thrones standalone
  • 2x AG1356 Gloomier standalone

Once Upon a Time displays include:

  • 4x AG1030 Once Upon a Time 3rd Edition standalone
  • 2x AG1031 Create-Your-Own Storytelling Cards expansion
  • 2x AG1032 Enchanting Tales expansion
  • 2x AG1033 Seafaring Tales expansion
  • 2x AG1034 Knightly Tales expansion
  • 2x AG1035 Animal Tales expansion
  • 2x AG1036 Fairy Tales expansion
  • 2x AG1037 Fairytale Mash-ups expansion

Vital Stats

MSRP: OUAT Set of Two $127 (retailer pricing), Gloom $270 (retailer pricing)
Atlas Stock #: OUAT Set of Two AG1008, Gloom AG1351
Barcode: OUAT Set of Two UPC 700040010082, Gloom UPC 700040013519
Format: OUAT Core 9.5”t x 7.5”w x 8.25”d
, OUAT Expansions 9.5”t x 9”w x 8.5”d, Gloom 14”w x 9.5”t x 8.5”d
Release Date: September 2021