The Heroes of Dungeoneer

The world of Tarnys is a land plagued by undead, demons, and other minions of evil. Only a few brave souls dare face them.

Tomb of the Lich Lord

Kron Axereaver
Dwarf Avenger

A Dwarf warrior that takes on a special mission of revenge becomes known as an Avenger. Kron's brother was slain by the Lich Lord. His soul was eaten and damned for eternity to never reach Shenhalla, the golden paradise. Kron has vowed to make the Lich Lord pay for this.


Lorel Alanus
Elf Sorceress

When the undead wandered into her village, Lorel barely had time to escape amid the dying screams of her family and friends. She battled her way through the hordes, desperately casting every spell she knew. By the first light of dawn her village, and the forest that was supposed to protect it, were a smoldering field of ash. As an elf who loves life, she has come to destroy death.


"Not all those who wander are lost." No one believes a Necro is a real living, breathing, feeling being, and Raka does nothing to dispel this myth. But his hatred of undead is clear by the zest with which he destroys the rotting corpses of the unliving, now cursed to serve the Lich Lord. What he seeks, and why he has wandered so far, is a mystery.


Roderik Talus
Human Paladin

Roderik was once vassal to king Uldrik of Dolmaranthuz, until he was dishonored when a plot to kill the king was uncovered. Roderik proclaimed his innocence, claiming that the true killer had framed him to avoid suspicion. Queen Alandra believed Roderik and sent him on a series of quests to prove his allegiance to the throne, against the wishes of the king's counselors who believed a traitor should be executed on the spot. His quests have led him to the threshold of the Tomb of the Lich Lord.


It is not known whether a Necro has parents, or is instead some wraith summoned from the Ethereal Void to curse this world. What is known about them is that they thrive in the ancient capitol, now known as Necrotopia, of the once mighty empire of Folornia. It is questionable whether Sibot has come so far to destroy the Lich Lord, or if he is really here to study and learn about power over the undead.

Tanin Shadefoot
Darkling Rogue

Since being displaced from their homeland of Ilbor Paidan during the Seven Traitor War that divided Dolmaranthuz, the darklings have roamed the lands. Tanin was just an infant when the human's war spilled over into his village, it took a long time for him to be able to trust a human again. Darklings are known for their quickness and sense of privacy. Tanin is an archetypal darkling. But he is also an explorer, and has wandered into the Tomb of the Lich Lord out of curiosity more than heroics.

Vault of the Fiends

Shara Quickblade
Elf Assassin

Shara Quickblade Elf Assassin When the elder of her village went insane and cursed the beautiful forest she called home, Shara fled to the warm lands of Dolmaranthuz. She used her deftness with the sword to earn a living, and as a way to let out the dark rage that haunted her soul. It is unheard of for an elf to become an assassin, but her sense of morality excuses her profession by only taking jobs she believes are justified, and beyond the law to deal with. When she heard that R had escaped and built a vault to further his diabolical work, she savored the opportunity to slay such a vile fiend and collect the bounty for his head.


Grog Nordham
Human Beastmaster

Trained by witches in the southlands of Ilbor Paidan from his youth, he fled their grasp to wander the untamed lands. He used the things he'd learned as a child to master the art of controlling the many beasts he encountered. When he heard of bizarre creatures plaguing nearby towns he couldn't resist the opportunity to see what they were, and to study them.


Dwarf Runecaster

Dwarves use runes in every part of their life, in their weapons, their clothes and the tattoos they burn and scar into their bodies. They believe deeply in the power of runes to heal, and to protect themselves, and even to destroy their enemies. When Throngar showed an aptitude for rune-magic at a young age his parents were honored and sent him to the council of rune-lords to learn the ancient and great art. While Throngar learned quickly, he also refused to do as told. He advanced in his studies far beyond his peers, and broke the code of the rune-lords. This was intolerable and he was reprimanded, when that did no good he was finally cast out. Angry and independent he left his people to wander and learn on his own.


Nord Fimble
Gnome Illusionist

Gnomes rarely wander far from their homes, but Nord is a rare gnome. As with all his people he learned glamour at an early age, which is the ability to fool stupid humans and other clumsy creatures with simple illusions. Nord also has a fierce curiosity which has led him to wander the lands far and wide in search of situations to get his self into, and out of.


Drakan Sentinel

Drakan are desert nomads that wander the wastes of Folornia on their dragon-beasts. Maluvius is a sentinel, an elite warrior among the drakans who can go weeks without sleep and little water. It is the sentinels that guard the nomadic camps in the harsh and deadly desert. During Maluvius' watch a pithor, a vile ant-lion like giant, swallowed his camp. Cursing his self for not seeing the danger he has left his homelands to wander in search of some sort of redemption, destroying evil as he sees it.


Hemp Ghostcaller
Ork Shaman

Orks are not native to Tarnys. Hemp was captured by an enclave of elves on his home world of Gurtha. Calling upon the spirits, he escaped his bonds only to get lost in the mad labyrinth of the elven enclave. Eventually he stumbled across a room adorned with strange runes, and at the other end he saw a door. He ran through the door, which turned out to be one of the entrances the Lich Lord had installed to his Vault. And so Hemp found himself trapped in the Vault.