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Grand Tribunal

A board game of magical invention

Players: 3–5 Ages: 12+ Time: 60–90 minutes

Grand Tribunal at a Glance

  • Build the best magical items in this Ars Magica-themed board game.
  • Features detailed resource management systems designed to mimic the complicated process of creating magical artifacts.
  • Players do not need to be familiar with Ars Magica in order to play.

Artifacts of Power: More About Grand Tribunal

Every 33 years, the Grand Tribunal meets to judge the magical creations of wizards hoping to be promoted to archmage. In Grand Tribunal, you play one of these magi, working to create the best artifact…and prohibit your competitors from creating something better.

Grand Tribunal is a resource management game. Players manage multiple resources — Votes, Vis, and cards — with a limited number of actions each turn. 

Will you focus on completing your Fulgarous Orb or will you muddle your opponent's wits with a Fog of Confusion? Will you vote for the correct item types to make your creations shine before the Grand Tribunal?

The game is set in the world of the award-winning RPG, Ars Magica. Players do not need to be familiar with the RPG, although fans of the game will recognize many familiar elements and themes.

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  • Game board
  • 2 decks of 55 cards each
  • 99 game pieces
    • 24 Voting tokens
    • 60 Vis tokens
    • 1 Praeco pawn
    • 2 Tracker tokens
    • 4 blue 1st-place Award tokens
    • 4 red 2nd-place Award tokens
    • 4 yellow 3rdplace Award tokens
  • 6-sided die

Vital Stats

Designer: P. R. Chase
Editor: Michelle Nephew
Artist: Alexander Bradley
Graphic Design: Michelle Nephew
MSRP: $24.95
Atlas Stock #: AG1280
Barcode: 978-1-58978-084-2
Format: Game board (8” x 20”), rules sheet, 6-sided die, 110 cards, 99 game pieces (24 Voting tokens, 60 Vis tokens, 1 Praeco token, 2 Tracker tokens, 4 1st-Place tokens, 4 2nd-Place tokens, 4 3rd-Place tokens)
Number of Players: 3–5
Ages: 12+
Play Time: 60–90 minutes
Release Date: March 2006