Three Cheers for Master FAQ

Tips and Clarifications

  • On a deflect, the player who played the deflect, not the one who played the card originally, gets to decide how and on whom the card is then played.
  • Minions do not attack from one tower to another, only within the same tower. Minions pointing out of a tower do not attack opponent's towers.
  • A Ninja's arrows go in the direction that they point when face up. People seem to place them backwards a lot. Try picturing how they will look in the tower when revealed.
  • Big Hairy Fight, Master Is Coming, and Master Is Here Cards are NOT drawn into your hand. If you draw one, it activates immediately, and you draw another card into your hand to replace it. They are double–sided so that everyone knows when one is drawn, and they activate when revealed at the top of the deck. If someone does pick one up, please shame them, "You got Big and Haaaaiiiiiiry!!"
  • Trait powers take effect immediately. Aggression only happens during aggression orders or Big Hairy Fights. So if a Hungry, one-arrow minion and a not–Hungry, two–arrow minion are pointing at each other, you might think the two-arrow minion has the advantage, but no! It gets eaten immediately, before it can attack.
  • Did your towers get separated and you want to switch? Falling (when the minion you're on dies) will allow you to jump to any of your ground–row minions!
  • When playing the "Double Trouble" game variant, score the game using the higher of the two foreminions in each tower.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens in 3C4M when the game ends in a tie?

    The game ends in a tie.

  • Does a Weak minion die ANY time it's in a column that falls?

    YES, if it's in the part of the column that moves.

  • When a column falls, does every Weak minion in it die?


  • Do falls kill any/all Weak minions, but not even WOUND non-Weak minions?


  • What happens to the foreminion if the minion it's riding on gets assassinated? Does it have to hop to the next guy or just ride on the Assassin?

    If your foreminion's bearer-minion gets assassinated, your foreminion needs to jump to a nearby minion the same as it would any other way. It does not jump onto the Assassin.

  • Can you place a minion up in the air so it falls instantly (like a Heavy one, to kill someone)?

    Murderously interesting idea, but an illegal move, sorry. New minions must be placed beside an existing ground-row minion, or directly on top of any minion. But feel free to play a move order card as your next play for the same effect!

  • Do all single-arrow minions go off at the same time?

    Yes. Big Hairy Fights resolve like this:

    1. Ninjas flip face up
    2. All three-arrow attacks go off simultaneously.
      1. If two minions with the same number of arrows point at each other during a Big Hairy Fight, they both suffer a wound.
      2. Armored minions suffering a wound rotate, so their arrows are reoriented for future steps.
      3. Dead minions are removed and discarded, and so cannot attack in future steps.
    3. Repeat Step 2 for two-arrow priority
    4. Then repeat again for all the one-arrows. They all attack at the same time!
    5. Now Gravity happens to all remaining minions.

  • If an Armored minion is attacked by a higher-priority minion, does it rotate and then attack, or attack in its original position and rotate after the fight?

    It rotates and then attacks. See Big Hairy Fight resolution above.

  • When Wingpin (Flying, Heavy) is on top of another Flying minion, that other minion would fall, but does Wingpin fall too, or just knock the other guy down?

    Flying Heavy minions do not automatically fall - there needs to be another Heavy minion above it.

  • What if two Hungry guys are both facing the same Weak guy?

    Resolve powers (that would otherwise occur simultaneously) from top to bottom, and from left to right.

  • Can you bounce deflections back and forth in a 2 player game?

    Yes, until someone runs out of deflects in their hand. You do not draw back up until the end of that player's turn.

  • Does a Heavy minion falling crush every minion below him?

    No, it just kills one and comes to a rest for now in the place of the recently deceased. Many people have mentioned that they enjoy playing with the house rule where Heavies crush the whole column.

  • When a Heavy minion is played at the top of the tower, is this considered falling and does it crush the minion below it?

    Nope, he just sits there lightly.

  • What does the Armored trait protect you from?

    Attacks during Big Hairy Fights, and falling while Weak only. All other trait powers (being eaten by a Hungry minion, crushed by a Heavy, slain by an Assassin, or crushed by Claustrophobia) kill you instantly.

  • Which happens first, Claustrophobia or Hunger?

    Suppose I put a Hungry minion next to an aggressive toward a Claustrophobic, Weak minion (like Pungie), surrounding it. Clearly Pungie isn't long for this world, but is he going to expire from Claustrophobia (so the thing above him falls), or does the Hungry minion eat him and take his place, supporting the stack above? Resolve powers (that would otherwise occur simultaneously) from top to bottom, and from left to right.

  • Where can I get the Feats expansion?

    Sorry, it was a special promotion for Tabletop Day 2015 and is no longer available.

  • If a Hungry minion is moved to an unsupported position adjacent to a Weak minion, with an attack arrow pointing that that Weak minion, does the Hungry minion eat the Weak minion before it falls (and then move into the probably-supported space previously occupied by the Weak minion), or does it fall before it can eat the Weak minion?

    It eats the Weak minion. If a Hungry minion's aggression arrow ever points to a Weak minion, the Weak minion is immediately eaten. Gravity affects a tower at the moments specified in the rules, rather than being in effect and being applied constantly.


  • The corner of Wingpin's card has a small "44" — this is an "Easter Egg" and does not affect gameplay — a remnant from when the minions were all numbered.
  • On the "Big Hairy Fight Examples" on page 16 of the rulebook, in "Attack Example 1", it ends with "All attacks resolved, gravity settles Minion A." However, it appears that Minion A has the Flying trait; this means that Minion A would NOT settle due to gravity. That is an error, Scoffula should stay in place in that example.
  • Why is Hughbert Armored? How does he suffer a wound? — This is a mistake. He can die by being surrounded on all sides, eaten, or crushed, but those all cause immediate death, not just suffering a wound, so his Armored trait is useless.

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