Blowing Up... Everything!

Published by: Atlas Staff

If you're one of over 2600 backers of the FENG SHUI 2 Kickstarter, you've no doubt already been apprised of the deluge of dynamic stretch goals we unleashed this morning. As the chi energy surges into the Netherworld and out into all times and places, one series of goals shines out: The Blowing Up City Guides!

Packaged with the separate SECRETS OF THE CHI WAR book that everyone gets in PDF format if they back the Kickstarter at the Everyday Hero level or higher, these city guides are packed with pulse-pounding fist-smacking time-crossing goodness. Backers have already unlocked Blowing Up Canton, but in the pipeline are ten more city guides tied to the various prime junctures  — from the mysteries of Macao to the horrors of Apeworld. Here's a sample:

Blowing Up Chang'An: The capital city of Tang Dynasty China bustles with energy as the imperious Wu Zetian, first and only female Emperor, cranks up her building spree. Her gleaming pagodas channel chi energy as envious Lotus sorcerers lurk in the fringes, looking for weaknesses to exploit. This city guide gives you all the glamor, glory, and paranoia of the Ancient juncture’s political lodestar.

With your support, you can help us unlock even more wild wuxia secrets until the SECRETS OF THE CHI WAR is a truly monumental supplement for everyone!


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