Out-of-print Ars Magica classics enter the digital library

Published by: Atlas Staff
We’ve opened the Ars Magica vaults to resurrect some classic books as PDFs. Order of Hermes, Tales of the Dark Ages, and Faeries are throwbacks to Ars Magica Second Edition, but their great characters, scenarios, and setting information can be easily adapted to your group’s later-edition sagas.

First published by Lion Rampant in 1990, Order of Hermes Second Edition defined and expanded the world of Ars Magica. It includes materials that were spread out into several books when adapted for Fifth Edition. You’ll find detailed descriptions of all 13 Houses, 13 Tribunals, and the complete Code of Hermes. It also contains loads of details about the lives and habits of magi, and story seeds for development.

Tales of the Dark Ages supplies your group with four classic adventures, ranging from political intrigue and gory horror. It even features an adventure written by Atlas Games founder John Nephew, because it was the first book Atlas Games ever published!

Faeries First Edition describes the reflected world that lies beneath Mythic Europe. It’s filled with the Tuatha de Danaan, pixies, centaurs, and other creatures that inhabit the lands of Arcadia. Faeries also gives Storyguides some excellent ideas for how to incorporate the fae folk into a saga.

Summon these digital treasures to fill your magical library today at e23.com!


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