Over the Edge 3rd Edition Is Here

Published by: Atlas Staff

The original roleplaying game of counter-culture conspiracy, weird science, and urban danger comes roaring back — available in stores today, June 1st.

 Conspiracy lurks around every corner on the island of Al Amarja.

This third edition highlights everything we at Atlas Games like about RPGs:

  • A heady blend of fringe science, conspiracy, and hyper reality. The island of Al Amarja is a rich sandbox to be filled with your craziest and most entertaining ideas.
  • Everything old is new again. New narrative rules, character traits, conspiracies, and locations improve storytelling and propel drama.
  • Designed by Jonathan Tweet, lead designer of Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition, Ars Magica, Everway, and 13th Age.
New dice are available too!

    Over the Edge was originally created in 1992 by Jonathan Tweet with Robin D. Laws. The first edition served as the inspiration for the collectible card game On the Edge, originally published in 1994 and still available from Atlas Games. This third edition is completely reimagined, with new rules, twists, art, and more.

    Over the Edge is designed to highlight your creativity,” says Tweet. “The setting of Al Amarja is full of interesting details, but what really counts is what you and your friends come up with on your own.” We can’t wait to see what conspiracies you uncover when you return to the Island.

    Over the course of the next month, we will share interviews with the production team, designers, and line developers. In the meantime, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to stay in the loop on what’s coming next.

    More than two thousand Kickstarter backers helped fund this edition, some of whom appear in the art of the core rulebook. To everyone who backed, shared, or supported the Kickstarter: thank you! Atlas Games loves you.


    On the Edge

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