New Gamemaster Month Begins January 7th

Published by: Amelia Rengo

If your New Year’s resolution is to lead a roleplaying game, you’re in luck: New Gamemaster Month begins January 7th. In 2020, New Gamemaster Month will include our ENnie Award-winning Unknown Armies, a game about broken people trying to fix an equally broken world.

New Gamemaster Month is a chance for aspiring GMs to learn how to run a roleplaying game for their friends — and a way for experienced GMs to hone their skills. The four-week program is made up of eight in-depth articles that walk you through the process step by step, teaching basic gamemastery alongside game-specific mechanics. We’re excited to be participating alongside our friends from Chaosium, Monte Cook Games, and Pelgrane Press.

New Gamemaster month is free — all you need to participate is your game of choice and the twice-weekly posts releasing through the end of January. If Unknown Armies is the game you’ll be running, be sure you also:

Whether this will be your first time behind the screen or your hundredth, we think you’ll learn something new this month. Good luck, and happy GMing!


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