Dice Miner Goes Live on Kickstarter on May 26

Published by: Amelia Rengo

Dice Miner is a one-of-a-kind game of dice drafting launching on Kickstarter May 26th. The game will feature gorgeous art, a three-dimensional mountain board, and a bag full of custom dice. We'll be sharing more about the project in the coming weeks. Today, we're sharing the overview of the game! (Intersted in learning more? Visit our pre-launch page.)

The Dwarves once lived beneath three mighty mountains. Millennia ago, after centuries of war, the Dwarves defeated the Dragons, and moved to the surface. As time passed, the dwarves went beneath the earth less and less, all but forgetting its secrets.

But now, the Dragons have returned.

As this ancient evil pillages their land and destroys their cities, the Dwarves must remember their roots, clear old tunnels, and return to the ancient caverns beneath their three sacred mountains. Now is the time when all Dwarves must mine!

In Dice Miner, you are a dwarf hero. To win, you:

Roll the dice.

In each of three rounds, twenty custom dice are rolled onto a unique mountain component. The mountain's design serves to direct the dice into the appropriate slots, and to help players determine what draft picks are legal in the game. The mountain is also super cool.

Draft your hoard.

Mine the dice you need to clear tunnels, harness magic, and savor cheering Dwarven beer. Different dice score differently, so plan your strategy carefully.

Amass your treasure.

Scores are tallied once per round, then each player’s dice are re-rolled and the mountain is refilled. After three rounds, the player who has amassed the most points is the winner.

Dice Miner hits Kickstarter on May 26th.

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