Announcing the Feng Shui 2 Subscription Plan

Published by: Atlas Staff

Here at Atlas Games, we have lots of ideas on ways to continue deepening and developing the Feng Shui 2 line, especially through adventures and sourcebooks. However, it can be challenging to find a way to produce them in a way that ensures the highest quality, fastest development, and acceptable profitability.


Given all the new market uncertainties of 2020, we have decided to try offering our new and upcoming Feng Shui 2 supplements as a subscription. We hope this model will let us get you more excellent material, faster. We think we can do this by:

  • Creating focused, action-packed supplements that are easy to drop into your campaign or play as a one-shot. (Developing a multi-scenario book takes more development, writing, playtesting, and proofreading time than doing a burst of shorter books.)
  • Eliminating the ten- to fourteen-month sales analysis period to speed up the release process. (Usually, we wait to see if a book was a success before we greenlight the next one.)
  • Reducing the risk of printing too many books or spending too many resources on a product that flops by ensuring we have people interested before we produce it. (Even our best estimates are just that: estimates.)

Feng Shui 2 subscribers get free, early access to each supplement's PDF when the files head to the printer; 10% off the retail price of each book. We're working to add more perks to the program, but want to see if this plan is of any interest to you.

You can learn more about the program here.