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Published by: Michelle Nephew

The Star Tribune recently featured Processing and Squirrel or Die, both available for sale on the Atlas Games website. Here's what they had to say:

"We’re all trying to hole up and survive the winter, and so are squirrels. That’s the scenario depicted in Squirrel or Die, a card game by game designer Seppy Yoon, owner of the Minneapolis board game publishing company Fight in a Box. Squirrel or Die is a “combat memory” game where you have to choose from a grid of face-down cards, trying to find where you hid food, shelter or even love, while avoiding life-shortening hawks, cats and traps. It doesn’t take long to determine the last rodent standing.

"In the game Processing, players are opportunistic collaborators after an alien invasion, trying to see who is best at toadying up to our new overlords by deciding which fellow humans will be food, lab rats or given their freedom. It’s basically what happens after we discover the alien manual, “To Serve Man,” is actually a cookbook. "

Order Squirrel or Die or Processing now!



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