Feng Shui Dragon Subscribers: We Did It! New Books in 2021!

Published by: Justin Alexander

At the end of September, we asked the world, “Hey! Do you want more Feng Shui action roleplaying?” We needed you to step up and become the very first Feng Shui Dragon subscribers. With enough subscribers, we’d be able to take the big risk of creating new Feng Shui 2 adventures and supplements despite all the uncertainties currently plaguing our hobby. And the Dragons would get early access, free PDFs, discounted books, and the convenience of having the latest and greatest RPG action delivered straight to their door!

The question was whether or not there were enough people who wanted to be Dragons to make these new Feng Shui books a reality. We set a deadline of January 1st, 2021, and then — along with all of you — we crossed our fingers and waited.

And you did it!

I just want to personally thank every single Dragon for joining us on this adventure. Your support means that over the next year we’re going to get:

  • Burning Dragon, where ancient sorcerers and Triad gangsters have taken over a counter-culture festival in the Gobi Desert.
  • Apeworld on Fire!, in which a fast and furious car chase through the Netherworld leaves our heroes stranded in the wastelands of the apocalypse!
  • We’ll Temporarily Have Paris, a pop-up juncture sourcebook and adventure set in Paris in May 1944. The most beautiful city in the world is full of Nazis! Punch them in the face!
  • The Inside Game, a pop-up juncture sourcebook set in Brazil 1850 CE. ENnie Award-winner James Mendez Hodes gives you a chance to join the Afro-Brazilian capoeira revolution against European slavers, fight ghost pirates, and see the quilombo hidden deep in the Amazon!

And this is just the beginning!

Subscribers will start seeing the benefits of their subscription in February! Shortly after we send Burning Dragon to press, subscribers will be receiving their early access PDFs months before anyone else gets a chance to see the books!

Of course, it’s still not too late to become one of the first Dragons! Subscribe today to gain all the benefits of being a Dragon!


You can learn more about the program here.


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