Gloomier: A Night at Hemlock Hall is Live on Kickstarter

Published by: Heather O'Neill

Gloomier: A Night at Hemlock Hall is live on Kickstarter now through April 8th!

Gloom fans will find that Gloomier expands the storytelling aspect of the game with specially designed story prompts. And this full stand-alone game includes 6 new Stories and 14 new Guests that can be used with any edition of Gloom.

But there’s more than just Gloomier in this Kickstarter campaign. We’re also including The Gloom Chronicles and The Gloom Grief Case!

Grief Case Mockup new lighting

The Gloom Grief Case 

You’ve asked, you’ve begged, and it’s finally here — a deluxe storage case to hold all your Gloom games!

  • The luxurious Grief Case is big enough to hold every Gloom game produced so far — that’s roughly 1500 Gloom cards — plus all your rules and extras, and even your darkest secrets.
  • We’ve even given the Grief Case extra space for another four full Gloom games or eight expansions, for when you add new Gloom games to your collection!
  • This deluxe box comes with its own card dividers, so you can sort and cross-reference your cards.

The Gloom Chronicles

This is a campaign-style mini-expansion that will let you tie your games together as a serialized campaign. It also adds variant rules, bringing new challenges to your saddest stories.

You can choose a card at random, or decide to start from the beginning and explore the ongoing chronicle of your forlorn family through an extended campaign. Your story begins with the Unhappy Birthday … but will your next game of Gloom involve a Tragic Train Ride, or will you end up at the infamous World’s Unfair?

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