Let's Fund Stolze's Scheme for Unknown Armies Stories!

Published by: Michelle Nephew

Hey there, Unknown Armies fan. Humor me for a second. Go crack open Book 3: Reveal to page 37 and read the entry on Erotic Pastries.

That was written by Greg Stolze.

He has also written a series of Unknown Armies short stories involving a roguish, somewhat psychic former rock star named Mick Peltier. Read these stories and watch an overconfident man-child with more charisma than good sense try to start a podcast about the occult; get involved with an arcane fitness instructor; cope with an abusive spirit that one person can see, but only an entirely different person can touch; speak with an alleged psychic assassin; reminisce about his glory days; and talk about terrifying pancakes.

Stolze’s scheme is, if everyone in the whole world gives him $2000 total by Saturday, he puts these three tales up on his web site. Click it now and you can see the giant pile of fiction that fans have already funded.

Here's the link for the crowdfunding, and the first two stories are already sorted out. Get in now and you might influence stretch goals, or get in on limited goodies like patches or original linocut prints. (Really!) Mostly though, it’s about the fiction. You want to read it? Then you know what to do.


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