FREE Rogue Animal Eraser Mini Game

Published by: Michelle Nephew

At our house, pull-apart animal erasers are a thing. A LOT of things, actually. Dozens and dozens all over the house. So we came up with this 2-player game using their unique breakdown design.


Get an assortment of animal erasers, the more the better but at least two dozen. You can find them at Amazon under Office Products, searching "Animal Take Apart Erasers"

Assemble them all and set them all up on their feet (or flippers, or whatever) together on a table.

One player is the rogue player, and so secretly chooses three animals to be the "rogues." They all have to have at least one thing in common, like the same color or feature (flying, farm animals, aquatic, dinosaurs, etc.)

The other player is the tracker player, who then chooses one animal to ask a question of. The rogue player answers in a funny animal voice. The animal lies if it's a rogue and tries to steer them to onto the wrong trail. Otherwise they answer truthfully but vaguely, because eraser animals aren't very perceptive.

The tracker player then picks one animal who they think is a rogue animal, and disassembles it. If they're right, the rogue player tells them and they get pick another animal (no question allowed). If the rogue player says they're wrong, then the tracker player has to turn their back, while the rogue player disassembles a number of animals equal to the number of rogue animals left.

The tracker player looks for clues in the mess left behind, then starts the next round with a new question.

If all the animals are disassembled, the rogue player wins! If the tracker player finds all the rogue animals first, they win!


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