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Published by: Michelle Nephew

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That's right, Atlas Games is developing a new product line that uses RECYCLED PLASTIC to create unique game bits like dice and meeples … and even one-of-a-kind Dice Miner mountains made locally instead of shipped half way around the world. It's pretty exciting for us, as something we can do to help mitigate the global environmental nightmare that we've all created.

We're at the "exploration" phase right now, where we're purchasing hobby-scale equipment and making product prototypes as proofs of concept. But we've already won the Idea Accelerator grant from Builders + Backers. And we'll soon be closing on the purchase of a building that will become our new plastics recycling workshop. In 2023 we hope to be scaling up to manufacturing-level equipment, and launching our new product line in earnest, which we've dubbed "Replay Workshop."

If you're the kind of person who's as excited about the possibilities of recycling as we are, click through the links below to follow us on our journey to zero waste!

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