Replay Workshop - August Recap

Published by: Heather O'Neill

In August we made a lot of headway with our Replay Workshop recycling effort! Most of this was acquiring another building to house the workshop.

The building (pictured) used to be a bar and then a boxing gym before us, so it has a very interesting look. Once we get in there and have things set up we'll post more images.

The second most interesting thing has been finding places with plastic waste and testing those plastics to see if we can make game bits with them. We've worked with local pharmacies to get pill bottles, we've gathered lawn signs from local politicians, and we've even tried using extra pieces from Warhammer miniatures packaging!

Each month we'll post a recap here of what we've accomplished with our Replay Workshop recycling project. To get more details and information about Replay Workshop as they happen, follow along on Twitter.


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