Godsforge 2nd Ed Kickstarter in Nov!

Published by: Heather O'Neill

In Godsforge, mighty spellcasters battle to control the power of the gods.

This November, new realms of its world will be revealed in Godsforge's first ever Kickstarter, featuring the Second Edition of the game plus two new expansions: Return of the Dragon Gods & Twilight of the Great Houses.

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In Godsforge, you're an elite spellcaster. Casting spells is fast and fun, as you roll your dice then combine and re-roll the results to play your best card, right now. Godsforge features quick, simultaneous play for an epic multiplayer fantasy battle experience.

Godsforge only gets better with the new expansions:

Godsforge KS Header Dragon Gods

Return of the Dragon Gods features:

  • A full deck of powerful dragon-themed creation and spell cards.
  • Introduces Upgrades that increase your game’s power level, and Card Synergy between creation types.
  • Ability to add 1 more player to your game.

Godsforge KS Header Great Houses

Twilight of the Great Houses features: 

  • A full deck of new creation and spell cards.
  • 16 Great Houses that each give a unique ability to modify your game’s playstyle and power level, adding replay value.
  • Ability to add 1 more player to your game.



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