Venture Society RPG Kickstarter

Published by: Heather O'Neill

Our very own Marketing Coordinator Heather O'Neill has a personal Kickstarter running right now for her all-ages roleplaying game, Venture Society. Since we love excellent games, even if they're not ours, we wanted to send our fans that link to the Venture Society Kickstarter. Also, Atlas Games' Co-Owner Michelle Nephew has a stretch goal on the project!

Venture Society is an all-ages, non-violent roleplaying game focusing on building skills related to personal strengths, emotional wellness, social awareness, and communication, while having a fun gaming experience. The RPG was designed by Heather and a team of therapists and educators, with a focus on building Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in children ages 5-13 years old. But all ages really enjoy its wholesome play, much like they do Magical Kitties Save the Day. Even adults love it!

For her stretch goal, Michelle will write an adventure that draws on her own roleplaying experiences with her children. Michelle says, "When I heard about Venture Society, I got really excited. Here’s a fun, creative way to work on kids’ social/emotional skills, really meeting them where they are. That’s RPG gold for gamer parents!


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