Replay Workshop - November Recap

Published by: Heather O'Neill

Throughout November, Replay Workshop has been experimenting with packaging and labels to sell to the maker community. Used pill bottles is one of the things we've had the most of, through our partnership with a local pharmacy, so we're using them as packaging for smaller recycled plastic items too!

We've also been fabricating plastic blocks made completely from recycled materials (lawn signs, pill bottles, etc) that can be used to turn on a lathe or carve.

Atlas Games' own recycling efforts have really started to pay off, as well. We last bought packing peanuts for our shipping department in November 2021. That's over a year of recycling our own cardboard to use for packing!

Each month we'll post a recap here of what we've accomplished with our Replay Workshop recycling project. To get more details and information about Replay Workshop, follow along on Twitter.


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