Gloom for the Cruellest Month

Published by: John Nephew

"April," wrote TS Eliot, "is the cruellest month." He could have lived in Duluth, where we get yet more snow while our friends in warmer climes enjoy budding flowers and sprouting gardens. Clearly we need to unburden ourselves of our Gloom!

So we're doing this literally, with a sale on Gloom sequel games for the month of April! If you enjoy classic Gloom, this is your opportunity to stock your game shelf for the next time a late-season blizzard has you snowed in. Buy this bundle of five standalone Gloom games (plus one expansion), and we'll give you the classy Grief Case storage box for FREE -- plus we'll give you free shipping to any US address!


  1. Cthulhu Gloom ($27.95)
  2. Cthulhu Gloom: Unpleasant Dreams ($17.95)
  3. Fairytale Gloom ($27.95)
  4. Munchkin Gloom ($29.95)
  5. Gloom in Space ($27.95)
  6. Gloom of Thrones Standard Ed ($27.95)
  7. Grief Case (FREE -- a $34.95 value)

That's $194.65 total in MSRP for just $159.70 -- an 18% discount, plus FREE domestic US shipping!

Just click this checkout link, and you'll have a cart ready to go with discounts applied!


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