New Atlas Kickstarter: InFUNity Tiles

Published by: Michelle Nephew

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InFUNity Tiles turn an amazing math discovery into a freeform puzzle for all ages!

In March, a breakthrough discovery in mathematics was announced: the aperiodic monotile or "einstein" tile dubbed the Hat. This single shape can cover an entire plane to infinity without any repeating pattern. The elusive design was sought for over fifty years … many doubted it could even exist!

Now InFUNity Tiles lets you hold this improbable polygon your very own hands. The pieces connect endlessly into infinity — but they can also misconnect in "wrong" ways that lead to gaps or spaces that can't be filled. A math degree isn't needed to enjoy playing with these "smart tiles," and experiencing the wonder of their unique shape.


Using Precious Plastics machinery, we've made our own Hat tiles from recycled plastic in our Replay Workshop prototyping lab. We can't get enough of them (Literally! They can go to infinity!). This Kickstarter will fund an industrial mold to scale up production, and let us offer them to customers all over the world.

Our basic package includes 21 Hats in primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. Add-Ons offer a rainbow of colors in 10-packs. They're generously sized pieces at 125x90mm and 6.35 mm (1/4 inch) thick.

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