LIVE on Kickstarter: InFUNity Tiles

Published by: Michelle Nephew

Our New Kickstarter Just Launched!

InFUNity Tiles lets you be one of the first to play with the improbable polygon discovered just seven months ago — an aperiodic monotile dubbed the "Hat."

  • The pieces connect endlessly — it's infinitely expandable — but they can also misconnect in "wrong" ways that lead to gaps that can't be filled.
  • A math degree isn't needed to enjoy playing with these amazing "smart tiles," discovering the genius of their unique shape.
  • Solo or with friends of any age, finding the right fit is fun and engaging!

We've made our own Hat tiles in our Replay Workshop prototyping lab, using plastic we diverted from our local waste stream … yep, we actually ground it up ourselves. Now this Kickstarter will fund an industrial mold to scale up production, still using recycled plastic!



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