Replay Holiday Gifts: Ornaments by Tim Yoder, Threaded Box by Mike Peace

Published by: Michelle Nephew

Recycled plastic ornaments? Why not!

We were grinning all the way through Tim Yoder's video post, as flying streamers of turned plastic collected in ribbons all over him and his workshop both. "I've turned other acrylics, resins, stabilized wood. This is the softest and most like butter thing I've ever turned. Hey, maybe we should turn butter!" As our plastic cylinder transforms into a lovely ornament, Tim says "I just love the way that stuff turns. It's so cool, I'm having way too much fun."

Check out Tim's video now then get your own Replay recycled plastic turning blank!

And in case you missed it, we were also featured on Mike Peace Woodturning a few weeks ago. Mike made a really cute threaded container, which would be an amazing dice box holiday gift, as well. In creating it he also made a 28-foot plastic ribbon, which has got to be a record! Watch Mike's video here!


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