New Kickstarter: Solo Puzzle Books Including GLOOM!

Published by: Audrey DeLuca

Introducing Enigma, a new line of solo puzzle gamebooks designed to challenge your mind and ignite your imagination. Launching on Kickstarter JANUARY 23RD AT 10AM CENTRAL, Enigma plunges you into captivating stories filled with intricate puzzles and endless possibilities.


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Gloom: Unhappy Birthday at Castle Slogar: You've been summoned to Castle Slogar to celebrate Melissa's 9th birthday … again! But the party has gone awfully awry. It's up to you to lend a hand, or a foot, or whatever you can spare to save the party.

Cryptid Hunt: Track down elusive cryptid monsters in this journal-driven puzzle chase. Which of the cryptids is real, and what really happened to this mysterious journal's author? 

A Guide to Dream Travel: Craft immersive bedtime stories together with your children in this unique storybook. Roll dice to decide what happens, and let your imagination fill in the rest.

Each book offers the perfect balance of challenge and satisfaction. Stuck on a puzzle? Unhappy Birthday and Cryptid Hunt have dedicated websites with hints and solutions to keep you going, plus extra story content that integrates into the books. 

And don't miss out on these accessories! 

  • Cuddly Grogar plushie (the Frankenstein's teddy bear of Gloom!) made from recycled materials.
  • Steampunk D20 plushie for A Guide to Dream Travel, also recycled.
  • Creepy Cryptid Hunt monster art prints.
  • High-quality sticker packs for each book.

Unlock your mind with Enigma!

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