Enigma Launches in ONE WEEK!

Published by: Audrey DeLuca

Mark your calendar for 10am Central on Jan 23rd! The launch of our Enigma Puzzle Gamebooks line on Kickstarter will feature a NEW Gloom adventure along with two other enthralling titles.

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Here's what you can do now! 

Don't just count down the days! Get involved with Enigma right now:

  1. Sign Up for Enigma Reminders: Click "Count Me In!" on our Enigma signup page to get campaign reminders. You'll be emailed when the project goes live, so you can back it ASAP at launch!
  2. Share Enigma: Share this blog post, or the signup page at atlas-games.com/enigmaks. Bonus points for sharing, because this link will automatically take you to the Kickstarter after it officially launches! 
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This project really has something for everyone (even Grogar, Frankenstein's teddy bear!), so go sign up for reminders and get ready for a FATALLY FANTASTIC new product line!


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