Enigma Kickstarter has Ended - Thanks Eager Readers!

Published by: Audrey DeLuca

Thank you for your support!

We just wrapped up our Kickstarter for Enigma Gamebooks. You helped us reach an outstanding $66,072! That's 1321% over our funding goal! So this is us sending our most sincere thanks to everyone who supported the project! 

We can't wait to get the books sent off to press. We expect those to be shipping out to you in July, but digital versions will deliver to you in the next couple weeks. So just a few more weeks until the puzzle-solving and storytelling can commence! 

Until then, don't forget about the digital freebies. Every Enigma backer is eligible to download that file. See our first backer update for the link, if you haven't downloaded them already. 

Peekaboo grogar 3

What’s next for us …

As we wrap up Enigma, we get closer to our next big crowdfunding project for CatStronauts: The Board Game! Based on the graphic novel series by Drew Brockington, the CatStronauts board game offers cooperative gameplay for two to four players. You'll play as one of the characters from the CatStronauts series, adding modules to the space station before time runs out!  

Catstronauts Teaser 2

This stellar adventure comes to Kickstarter on May 14th. Click here to sign up for a launch day announcement and learn more about CatStronauts!

Thanks again!

The Enigma project wouldn’t have been possible without your support. Thanks again to each and every one of you who shared, liked, and backed Enigma Gamebooks! 


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