Atlas Games Tours Loll Designs!

Published by: Audrey DeLuca

Shane, Michelle, and John toured Loll Designs last Friday. They had a great time chatting with our fellow Duluthians who run Loll, and got to see the furniture manufacturing facility in action. They were especially impressed by Loll's ENORMOUS CNC machine!

As you may already know, our Replay Workshop studio was created to redirect plastic that was once destined for the landfill into more sustainable, reusable mediums. Our tour at Loll Designs inspired us to set a new goal for ourselves … we're committed to collecting 500kgs of plastic to recycle during the month of April! We're looking forward to working with local businesses in our community to help us reach this goal quickly, as many of them have plastic waste that can't be traditionally recycled and is destined for the landfill otherwise.

Check out the photos of the tour below!

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20240329 113549

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