InFUNity Recycling Presentations Are a Hit!

Published by: Audrey DeLuca

Recently, Atlas Games' John Nephew has been visiting local schools and classrooms to give presentations on what InFUNity tiles are, tying them in to recycling education for our younger community members. The ages he's presented to have ranged from preschool to high school, but all seem intrigued and interested in both the tiles and recycling … in their own ways. 

While the high schoolers were visibly less uninterested when given the chance to try their hand at using the benchtop injection molder to make dice, the younger kids were eager to offer "questions" that were often personal anecdotes with an unclear relationship to recycling, such as "my uncle drives a truck with a plow on the front!"

Today we were presented with some lovely Thank You posters from the local Kindergarten classes, and they are now hung in our workshop for visitors to admire.

Blurred Kids Replay Workshop Thank You Posters

If you're local to Duluth MN and would like to have us speak to your classroom or other organization about local recycling, please reach out to!

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