3 Days Left for the Bundle of Ages!

Published by: Atlas Staff

Have you collected your chronometric conveyance of choice to check out the Bundle of the Ages yet? As we reported on Tuesday, this pay-what-you-want collection of DRM-free digital RPG books includes the ARS MAGICA 5th Edition core rulebook, but that's not all. Sharing the river of gaming history with the Order of Hermes is John Harper's AGON, Neil Gow's BEAT TO QUARTERS, Cakebread & Walton's CLOCKWORK & CHIVALRY, and Richard Iorio II's COLONIAL GOTHIC.

So whether it's Bronze age heroes, 13th century magi, 17th century witch-hunters, 18th century sailors or revolutionaries in George Washington's Continental Army, your historical adventures are within your grasp. You get 'em all with the Bundle of Ages, and your purchase helps a charity, too. Only 3 days left, so grab it quick!