40 Years of Gen Con

Published by: Atlas Staff
40 Years of Gen Con
We brought home some very exciting news from Gen Con, about a project we're putting on the schedule for 2007. At Peter Adkison's invitation, we will be publishing a "40 Years of Gen Con" coffee table-style book to celebrate the convention's big anniversary next year. (It's older than I am!) Robin Laws will be writing the book; Randy "Keeper of Ancient Gen Con Lore" Porter will be the chief researcher/archivist; and Michelle Nephew will be editing, coordinating, and managing the production. All of us have been attending Gen Con for more than a dozen years. I don't know if there are enough superlatives in the English language to describe how we feel about this project, personally and professionally.

We'll have a lot more to say about the book in the near future, as we will be reaching out to four decades of attendees to put together a vast collage of the Gen Con experience from every point of view that we can cram in the book. We'll be putting up a web page specifically for people to share tips, leads, personal stories, photos, etc., to help us make the best book possible. If you feel inspired by a rush of memories to share with posterity, or a discover of a box of old snapshots, we will want to hear from you!



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