A Report from the Fleet

Published by: Atlas Staff
We received a dispatch via Carrier Seagull from the Pirate Scourge of the Southern Seas, aka Mark Amoroso of the Blackthorn Game Center in Dickson, Tennessee. The intrepid Admiral Amoroso reports on the pirate wars that broke out in local waters over the weekend:
I ran games and demos for Po8 this past Saturday. The response for the game was impressive. Most people were like "Wow, that's a game? I thought they were just cool looking coins". I had ordered some more sets for the store this past week and sold four of them on Saturday . . .

I played in eight consecutive games. Each game was a three player game. Let me tell you, Po8 is awesomely cool! Once you start to grasp strategies, and you recognize the coin faces and their abilities, the game just suddenly comes together. It becomes a fast paced game (since you don't have to refer to the rule sheet as much) and it just all-out rocks!
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