A Tribute to Gary Gygax

Published by: Atlas Staff
In his latest LiveJournal post, Robin Laws talks about Gary Gygax' passing ...

"I was wondering how I'd go about writing my tribute to Gary Gygax when it suddenly dawned on me: it's already done. 40 Years of Gen Con, especially its early chapters, are in large part a testament to his legacy. Gary founded Gen Con, and then designed the game that transformed the show from a tiny meet-up to the beacon of the hobby that it eventually became. That I got to write this tribute while he was still with us, and able to see it, can only be regarded as a rare blessing. I'm grateful to have had the chance to talk to him and include his recollections in the book."

All of us at Atlas feel honored and humbled to have gotten the chance to document such an important part of Gary's life, and to show what an impact he had on millions of people around the world. Because of this, I thought I'd post a link to our free download of the first chapter of the book, which tells the story of Gen Con's first years, beginning in Gary's own house. As Robin said, I think it's a fitting tribute to his legacy.